Super Chill is a one-stop shop blockchain organization. For those who need a Super Chill partner to help them in this industry, Super Chill is a friendly and inviting org to be anything you need and hopefully a guide to success. Hit us up – we would love to hear from you! Super Chill is also a creator of many original projects which we make and release to the public.


Our Super Chill family is an amalgamation of what happens when pros from traditional media and entertainment of IRL collide with experts on the blockchain and metaverse. We come from IRL experience at Disney, Pixar, Xbox, Nintendo, and via blockchain with projects in web3, crypto, Dao, and metaverse with some of the best, and most exciting projects in those respective industries.


The types of projects we create or look for in a partnership has a connection to IRL, creative or unique utility, and/or innovative tech. We know what is the most important thing to our super chill community, and that is value.